Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Most Unexpected

On a beach in California, a father and his 13-year-old son were joyfully diving into the cold water excited to spend time together. As soon as they had recovered from the shock of the cold water they had so much fun in the waves that before they knew it, the tide pulled them out further than expected. Out of the sight of family members. Panic set in the father’s heart. He was in over his head and out of control.
As thoughts of death raced through his head, he saw his wife and other children on the beach and sensed the panic growing on his son’s face. The father lacked energy, and was equally scared and struggling. But he had to get to his son.
Once the father reached him, the boy tried to climb on him, which pulled them both under. Then the father tried to throw his son toward the beach, which really only moved him a few feet. He just kept pushing him forward, but the boy had to depend on his own energy or they would both die.
The boy’s reflection afterward recounted it this way: “I was underwater and had given up, and then suddenly from below, my dad threw me out of the water. It was only after that, I got hope and began to swim.” The boy became engaged and swam with all his might. The Father’s determination brought hope, overwhelming love and God’s goodness. The last push thrust the boy to safety.
The father sighed with relief that his son was saved, but had no energy left to save himself.
“After being rescued, I stood on the beach watching my father struggle to make it. A peace came over me. I knew how much my father loved me, and seeing me safe brought him peace.”
The beach scene was most unexpected, but now the father and son see God using the story all over the world to express His love for us.
PRAYER: Dear Lord, help me to discover Your love for me so I can walk continually in Your truth.
“For your love i