Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Some of what I am going to write about today will be common sense. You know when someone quotes a catch phrase of some sort that encourages, inspires or strengthens you. I catch myself responding by tapping my head shouting "Dah!, I've known that all along, why don't I remember that". I could attempt to spell our a neuroscience reason why are brain won't remember such things that would help each of us.

The ancient proverb often quoted "Mind over matter" can be put into motion where one uses your mind to think about more crucial issues in life other than lame materialistic or small less consequential things in life.

I think at this point you're probably asking me "Why are you bringing this up"?

I think we can all agree we are trying our best to make the most out of life experiences. To walk away from work, home life, relationships, vacations, exercising etc. to feel satisfied.

Sometimes we walk away from these experiences analyzing ourselves by questioning "Maybe I did not workout hard enough, did I get the most out of that vacation, is this the best work I can do...We can go on and on questioning all sorts of things. (Not enough space here to list them all).

I chose to put in this list vacation because once I came back from my vacation just questioning so much that I was ready for a vacation again. I guess a professional would label it as anxiety. Do we need medication for this? Can we reduce this questioning, impulsive, emotional thinking? When we question ourselves are we really formulating in our minds regrets, guilt or even shame.

So many questions, right?!

Here is the amazing thing you may not know. Licensed counselors, all religions, psychologist agree that this needs to be addressed so that our minds can "RENEW." If we renew our mind we will have less incidents that present a problem and robbing us of peace.

So what does it matter in the big scheme of things some of our regrets or questioning? How do we make it stop.

Creating pathways in our brain that make healthy connections so our brains stream more positive patterns. It takes practice and for me most importantly is the Father's help and love.
Inviting God into the situation.

Prayer:  Father I confess I have patterns of thought that are not feeling healthy today. How can I change this? Thank you Father for always being so sweet and loving toward me. I ask you to help me to learn a better.  Amen.