Tuesday, November 29, 2016

60 SECONDS LAINE-Declaration of Dependence

A flash in my mind.
The laine's (path) I have taken.
My younger years laine was following my parents.
My teen years laine was following my impluse of teen pleasures.
My twenties something laine following my heart to marriage with my high school sweatheart.
Laine struggled in my mid-twenties. The lack of peace and feeling connected. My misconception of religion verses relationship.
The laine was lonely and feeling empty.

The laine to find peace began with a prayer. God if your there help me.
That's when the laine directed me to Jesus.
I had been trying to figure out so much about life on my own. I was gonna make things better.
Jesus taught me my declaration of independence was not working.
Laine signed her declaration of dependence, October 2, 1992.
Laine went on merrily singing, I Have Decided to Follow Jesus.
Each day Laine will write 60 seconds heart 2 heart just being Laine.
formerly Elaine the pain now just Laine. Laine is okay. (I mean that in a good way.)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I was trying to eradicate the negative thoughts by shear willpower. It helped a bit but I was not feeling free.

Praying all my thoughts to God asking for renewal, rest and reassurance only then did I begin to sense a power to overcome.

It is continuous...

Surrender, giving my thoughts to him (Phil. 4:8 my thoughts), renew (Romans 12:2), asking Him to guard my mind (Phil. 4:6).

He is a promise keeper.

I picture a guard at the gate of where thoughts begin and there He is whispering not that one, it's a lie, how about this one instead, for I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am.  I can, I can do it! Can you?

Concentrate now, it begins with complete surrender. To know Him is to love Him. To love Him is the beginning of

Have you really given it to Him? That's a good question to ask yourself.
Begin now:
Father I'm struggling. You say you can show me how to be renewed, rested and reassured. Show me. Thank you Lord. You find me just as I am. I am waiting. I am watching. I am ready. In Jesus name. Amen.

I am changed by your love. Not by my might but by your Spirit. I receive this healing now. You know asking for more faith is healing. This is true healing. Forever!!

Part of the process for Peter, who denied Christ three times, was that like you and  I he thought he could make things happen with his shear will power.
The revelation for Peter was seeing the risen Lord once again knowing full well. This is God. This is the great I AM. This is the one. The one we were waiting for. Knowing it deeply once and for all. It clicked! It changed the trajectory of his life. He now knew I can't but HE CAN!
Depleted of self and full of Him. Great love, great power!
Can I shout it from the rooftop!
Not yet! But I sure look forward to the day. The day when there will be those that listen. Listen to the lover of our souls.
For today if you are choosing to read this. I pray your soul is skipping a beat with me. It is exciting to realize that HE CAN. He is a PROMISE KEEPER.

Sunday, November 6, 2016


I felt tired so I found a spot to rest. My mind racing with the past week and now this week about to dawn on us a new President of the United States. I focus on my and out..I am breathing. That's all that matters...I am and out...grateful...I have no other answers to this election or for that matter many things in life.

Life takes twists and turns. I am alive for a reason. As I read I am assured He will provide an escape from my fears. But how can I be delivered from recurring negative thoughts. Occupy my thoughts. He protects us from all troubles. Most reassuring; He is watching over.

Do not fret. Sometimes He allows things and it takes time to understand. Sometimes I never understand. It is expected that when we go to our Father He takes care of things. We may or may not know how. When I approach my perfect Father it is with a awe and reverence that He will act in the best for the good.

I breath...I rest...I wait...with hope.

King David calls on the people to praise the Lord for delivering him and for His goodness to His people concerning the righteous path to a long life. He provides for His own. He reminds us to seek peace and pursue it.

His love matters...check you know you have a relationship. (not religion) But a relationship.

Pray to God...let me see you...let me know you...let me learn of your ways...let me be known by you...let me love you and be loved...give me the ability...Amen.

The Father speaks:  The world appears to be a mess. Rest assured my child I am with you! Look through the dense fog of gloom and see I am with you. I am the light of the World and I love you! Pray...ask anything in my son's name.

Psalm 34