Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I have caught myself saying this "Some days it feels as if I'm floating in water and my face is the only thing above water."

You feel as if you are drowning in decisions, work etc. Much of it feels unfulfilling.

Here is the good news.

If your face is above water that means you are breathing. Breathing the air God created. It doesn't matter how much of you is sinking.
What matters is that you are breathing normal.

You know when you are in water and are doggy paddling to keep your head up? You can just relax lay back and float. You know how your body floats when you lay back?
When I was a kid I loved laying back flat, floating and then my ears go just below the water. Then I would breath easy and listen. Listen to complete silence. I love that feeling. Relaxing, floating, silence!
I got in my bath tub and did that the other day. Thinking of my childhood. Like a child I just relaxed and listened to silence. I rested. I loved it.

Be like a child and learn to rest. Rest is essential for us to deal with the days ahead. If your uptight remember your breathing in God's air and out the used air and your alive and your going to be okay.
I remember breath in the good and breath out all the bad.
In and out.
In and out.
Keep going.
Keep breathing and carry on.

Friday, October 2, 2015


As I stood and looked at a grove of maple trees. My eyes were drawn to one tree that already changed Red, the rest were still green. Within in me a whisper came. Just as the trees change and are transformed, each one in its own time and pace, you and my people are changed. Meaning we are each on our own journey different elements and experiences change us all in different ways. As we walk through life and feel overwhelmed we ask "When God when will change or answer to prayer come?" No answer at the time. We must wait. Just as the trees must wait, they wait for the weather to change them, we wait for God to bring new color and shed light to change us, to guide us, to give us wisdom for everyday living.We can’t rush it just as the trees can’t rush the process. Sometimes we think we can rush it but if we force things that is when we get overwhelmed and in our own strength we try to control things. It is in His strength that we are truly transformed, delivered and changed. Our job is to acknowledge that God is with us and wait on Him.
Can you rest with God?
God is:
The hope
The love
The peace
The presence.
Here is another question: What would you rather do?
Continue to fight for a job, a position, a title a….can you name what you are waiting for…trying to figure out, fighting for or
Just wait, wait like the trees wait (Peace, calm, beauty and tranquility)?  Wait for the door to open and then we walk through it.  Walk through it, God with you!
Overwhelmed with God’s beauty or overwhelmed with life?
Just know God with you.
Look at the trees. Understand that if we wait it will be beautiful.
It starts with prayer and time spent being still reflecting on God with you.
“The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel.” (Which means God with us).
I know we are thinking Fall.
But we can also be thinking Christmas. The Christmas message, God with us.
Enjoy the Fall weather. Find time to sit and look out at the trees. When you look at the trees remember this message.
They are beautiful. You are beautiful.  Rest.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


In 1939 the British Government revolutionized this motivational poster "Keep Calm and Carry On."
Certainly the merchandisers all over the world are capitalizing on it. Okay I'll give the Brits credit for the cute saying but when someone says keep calm, I'm gonna be honest, I can't always calm down.

Today I read "Cast ALL your anxiety on Him because He cares for you."
After reading that verse I closed my eyes for ten minutes with this question on my mind "Does God care about me?"

Of course everything  began vying for my cell, texts, grocery lists, appointments...

Oh God help me...

Then I saw it...I was a spectator to Jesus:
Inviting the men to be fisher of men.
Tenderly talking to the women at the well.
Present working with the disciples to feed five thousand.
Healing the women with the issue of bleeding.
Raising Lazarus from the dead.
Talking with Mary as she anoints His feet with oil.
Washing the apostles feet.
Being beaten and hung on the cross.
By the time I got to the cross, I sat tears streaming down my face seeing His body battered, pierced hands and feet, bloody brow and the gouge in His side.

Does he care?

Thank you Lord for caring for me today. Your came with the soul reason to love and care for me and others. Thank you for I am grateful.

How do I carry on now?

With the vision of those stories in my head my heart is overwhelmed with His love.
When relationships are not solid.
When your boss is demanding.
When your children don't cooperate.
When your circle of friends are too busy.
When your spouse nags or doesn't understand.
When someone close dies.

Carry on with this:
God is with you.
He never leaves you.
He knows all pain. He gets it.

Picture yourself sitting with Jesus face to face sitting, talking but when it is time to carry on...Would you be tired and cranky and more confused? Or Would you feel renewed, refreshed?

Every visit is rest.

Keep Calm,(reflect), and Then Carry On. Too long and would not look good on T-shirts but you get what I mean.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I read the passage of scripture where Jesus appeared in the upper room after he rose from the dead.
His first words were "Peace be with you." Each time he greeted a disciple he said those words "Peace be with you."

I closed my eyes with the intent to sit and rest in Jesus. Quiet my mind with you love. I pictured Jesus appearing to the disciples with His arms extending out saying "Peace be with you." At that moment I felt like I was there in that room. He had risen! He was dragged brutally and hung on a cross and left secured in a cold tomb, yet here he was before their eyes.

I thought of the reason for his death. I personalized it. To atone for me/mankind.
I heard a whisper "Peace be with you."

My impression of that moment was Jesus was all about others. Never about himself. He extended peace at that moment. What? Think about that. His greeting blew my mind. Reassuring. He is all in for you and me.

I sensed His love for me. No matter what goes on in life. If I get worn out, Jesus is there to extend me peace. His story is one of grace. I needed to remember that. He knew I needed that. He loves me.

Do you every close your eyes and sit and wait, no agenda or purpose but just wait? I closed my eyes knowing Jesus is present but I did not know what to expect.

Find your rest spot. Pull over. Get to the Oasis.