Friday, April 21, 2017


I sat down to meet the funeral officiate and she began by saying I know your mom was a Christian and I have her bible and I will be honoring her legacy.

I could hardly breath. In my grieving I had not been able to start planning. But God did! The plans to honor my mom was already in motion. I did not have to do a thing. God had it all. The bible was read and her heritage was completely covered.

What a great gift. Sometimes God knows we don't even have to ask. He knew my heart. I had been praying that morning only for me. For me to be able to get up and go to the planning meeting. I just kept saying I can't do this. I can't see my that way.

Yet I sat there in the room with God determined to sense His peace. Determined to work this out with Him.

Blessed are those who are mourning for the will be comforted. (Oh God, how? How will I be comforted?) A promise of Jesus came to mind, "You can do anything with me." I quieted down and sat with that truth. I feel stronger and I can with You. I can were the words of my heart. I can with You. I can go with You. 

I went in the strength of the Lord. Everything was  okay but many more gifts were in store. Like the angelic peaceful disposition of my mom. Oh what a gift! Oh what a gift of the funeral officiate. I never would have imagined such a beautiful way to say good-bye till we meet again.

Please remember we grieve over many things in life and it is legit. It is the death of a job, empty nesting, end of a friendship or relationship, lost of bodily functions (that would mean we have to quit a sport or exercise), name it.

Remember God hasn't left you. He sees and knows it all.  He's is faithful to see you through it. He will do it!
You can do it with Him. LEGIT help is on the way!

Friday, April 14, 2017


Making space and time to finding my truth.

Pen in hand I began to journal with thought to obtain clarity for my circumstances right now.

What unexpectedly happened is my journaling led to a realization...I'm living in a great place for now (enjoy it), the bills are getting paid (miraculously), my job is okay, I visited with my grandson yesterday and it was nothing short of FUN!

The grandson thing I have to expound on. My son moved recently and it was nerve wrecking picturing him not being a mile away, like he was. I mean great convenience, right? I just had to give the move sometime and go with the flow. (I'm continuing the go with the flow thought process from a previous posting.) My calendar and time cleared yesterday and they were available for a visit. It was a beautiful day and my two grandsons (3 year plus and 10 month). Played ball on the porch, used the brand new pooper scooper to well...get all the dog poop picked up off the yard...many laughs there. The 10 month old in hand with the scooper in the other I scooped and the 3 year old used the rack to plop the poop in the scooper. The ten month old never peeped a word he definitely went along for the stroll and humor and my constant yelp "Look at the bird, hear him? He goes tweet, tweet, tweet!"
As I stepped out of the house to leave it happened...the greatest sound ever...1 block over was the ice cream man!!! I yelled to the family and a big bonus of the day happened, the 3 year old did not remember what the ice cream man or even the truck meant. It was so exciting! I got to see his excited face as the truck pulled to the curb and we selected our items, took a picture and of course began to eat! The unexpected joy moments, gotta love them.

Alright buddy, you're right, this one's gonna be longer than 60 seconds.

Getting back to the journaling...count your blessings. Really that simple! My tip to get through the moments in life. Put your seat belt on and count your blessings. That's all I got.

That realization came yesterday so today I am doing a tutorial on Linkedin called embracing changes and point number two of making change  work for us is...Count your blessings.

This is a confirmation of clarity that I needed; my thought plus a secular site equals... slow down embrace the change...things are gonna work out...I'm  gonna flow with it! What ended up happening is I came to a conclusion that even though I don't have an answer on my next vocational journey or the place my husband and I will live in, truth reigned. My life couldn't really be better.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


As I stood on the bridge and watched the two ducks float with the flow of the stream below me it occurred to me that they were not even trying to resist the flow, they just peacefully drifted. It all happened so fast because the stream was quite steady. I pictured in my mind the carnival days when I picked a duck floating in the little pool they had set up. They too just floated around a circle driven by a water pump that circulated the water. Also, the memory of me on a tube drifting down a lazy river, my feet up so I could go faster. All of this brought me peace. FLOWING! My mouth declared "Flow, I want to flow! God how do I flow?" My work, my ministry, my relationships....flow. This song pops in my head. Whatever will be will be by Doris Day (if you don't know who she is that makes me feel old) comes to mind right now Que Sera, Sera...Whatever will be will...the future is not ours to see.

After seeing the ducks it has been my prayer to "Go with the flow."

That takes a little bit of faith and whole lot of trust.

Trust God from the bottom of my heart.

There use to be good size hill in my neighborhood that I grew up in. A street went down it. I would ride my bike 7-8 blocks from my house to get there and at the top I could not wait to lift my feet and soar down it! Or today there is a rather large hill at the Arboretum that I ride my bike down and I lift my feet and soar. The wind blowing my hair back and it feels so good. It's my happy place. I found it as a child and I find it now. Where is your happy place. A place to drift and let go. I have to trust and go for it and soar!

I'm kind of all over the place in this 60 second Laine but I think what God is saying to us today is some kind of invitation or beckoning himself to Him. When we find our happy spot it's like a sweet spot we can spend with Him. A place of rest and peace. Ask for refreshment so you build up a reservoir to "Go with the flow!"

Que Sera, Sera. If you aren't familiar with this old song click above and find your happy spot.

Whatever will be will be...the future is not ours to see.

Monday, April 10, 2017


He said, she said...they many opinions from so many people as to why things weren't changing. Why was things not working out? I close friends have been praying.

Can you relate? So many thoughts about the dilemma I was experiencing.

I stopped because I had done it again. I was jolted!

The image of a storm rising and I am being tossed around. Finally I yell out Jesus. He's right there and he says "I'm right here. Come to me. It's gonna be okay. Trust me. Sit with me. Quiet down."
Jesus "I'm struggling each time he says and then she says, it's hard to stop being jolted. Yet you ask me to sit still and not be jolted. I'm failing you." His response "I'll always love you thanks for recognizing you shortcomings. Let's just sit here for a while. Do not be afraid."

There is no shame in being jolted. It's life. The fact that we can sit and come back to be grounded by Jesus. 

Guys and gals, when jolted don't take on shame. We can get back to trusting again and it will be okay.
Decree a simple I'm sorry and then move on.


Just a side note there is an essential oil blend called Being centered or grounded.  LOL! Really? Just give me Jesus any day.