Wednesday, December 28, 2016


This was a text from a friend that I received right before Christmas.
Believe big.
He is a big God.
Our God is unlimited.

Brennan Manning stated "I am flabbergasted by the widespread refusal across this land to think big about a loving God." (The Ragamuffin Gospel)

I'm sharing this because it will reinforce this truth for me.

It takes faith to believe big. Otherwise, we can't obtain freedom. When are thoughts are directed toward truth and we don't cower toward deceitful thinking, we are running the race with God.

I guess today I am making it my goal to purposefully think on the above statement.
God is big and unlimited.
He is bigger than all of life. He is bigger than all of my hang-ups, flaws, circumstances and relationships.

I don't guess I will think this. I know I have to think this. Leaning on my own understanding gets me in trouble. Derailed. Disconnected.

God is big. I am small. I need him. Pray about everything.
It's okay. Everything is gonna be okay.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


"I'm one with the force. The force is with me." says Chirrut Imwe, character in Rogue One the new Star War film.

Chirrut, who is blind, was in danger and he repeatedly said those words. The movie portrayed him as being vulnerable yet filled with hope and courage. Rogue One features the making of the iconic group known as "Rebellions" with the motto "We are built on hope".

This New York Post quotes "Rogue One is a 'Star Wars' movie for the thinking fan...

That's exactly me...a thinking fan. I can relate to the blind man and the Rebellions...the point of this 60 Second Laine.

I know that I'm physically not blind, yet like the blind man I am vulnerable and  I decided to join forces with one greater than I and say something similar to Chiruut "I can't on my own but I can with Christ." After all Christ says "I myself am in you." I overflow with hope by the power of the force (the Holy Spirit; Romans 15:13).

"Trust the force" was the last words spoken by the mom of Jyn, the chosen one to help save the Rebel Alliance.

At this time I need to feel connected to Christmas. Can you relate? Something deeper and more meaningful than the commercialism of this Holiday Season. The sacred...the holy...a baby born with a epic story...a child chosen to change the worldview...a light to this dark world. He shines so bright that when you plug into Him...your new story begins. The Rogue One story is relatable... it's all about resistance, reality and revival.

Reflect today: how you resist...the reality of your you need a revival of the soul... Trust the force with your life.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


She placed the box on the ground just as I was about to pass her. I stopped and asked "Can I take that to the garbage for you?"

Unbeknowst to me, I dropped my reading glasses by accident in this ladies boot next to me. Later she approached me to ask if they were mine. We connected and laughed. It was a chance to connect and start a friendship.

Let me explain why I think these small beginnings are God moments from God the Timekeeper.
I had prayed that morning that I want God to lead me. Let the Spirit guide me.

I realized that I try to make things happen in life. When will I talk or approach someone but this time I really gave it to God. So when this lady dropped the box I seized the moment to be a helper. It was a small step. Yet it was a connection.

This was a strong reminder for me that I am not here on earth to do good works to earn my way to God. I am here as a child of God living out my walk being led by the Holy Spirit. It's by grace Jesus walks me through life. I exist... I live and breathe and that is enough by God's standard.

I just want God's Spirit to lead me. I mean in my thoughts and deeds. My friend it is such joy when I wait on God for the next move. Joy! I mean true Joy!

My suggestion for the day: Pray and ask God to lead you. Don't try and guess where that will be. Just let it happen. And when it happens you will know and you will be elated. Then thank God for the moment.
Let God be the timekeeper.

Monday, December 12, 2016


Moments in life can be so exquisite. To freeze the moment and wish that it would never end.

Have you ever had a moment like that?

When the shepherds and wise men visited the baby Jesus it says that Mary pondered it all in her heart.

I wonder if she did not want the moment to end?

After the treacherous trek and the birth of the baby in such a lowly place the Spirit of God divinely brought His believers to a place where they met the Son of God. Their hearts were made full that day.

It truly was a moment for them all.

Pause. Close your eyes. See the baby in that lowly place. Really not lowly but Holy place.
Capture the moment.

Can you see what they saw?
I feel warm. My heart full with gratitude. For this moment changed time. This moment changed me. I believed entered into a relationship with Jesus.
Leaving behind religion and entering into a relationship.

check out this Christmas song:
Noel by Lauren Daigle (check it out on youtube)
it starts out by saying:
incarnate=embody or represent (a deity or spirit) in human form.

"the idea that God incarnates himself in man"

Noel-first Christmas; relating to a birth

Come and see what God has done; the story of amazing love; the light of the world; given for us!

Love love it!
Meditate on this truth for today!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Wanting more hours in a day? Unavailable time.

The tyranny of urgency.

Everything in my world today seemed urgent.

My attitude is "Get it done." Now I mean.
My grandson said to me "Lets get these Christmas decorations done."

I stopped. Paused. Got quiet. I was reminded.
Isn't it just like us to take on the pressures, loose our focus and the result...loose peace, joy.

Of course at this time we get caught up and boy oh boy we struggle to turn off the urgent.
If you don't slow down, sit down and quiet down it happens...

I love this "Be still and know that I am."
Remember Moses asked "Who should I say you are?" God replied say "I am". He is I am.

Try this:
Eliminate words from your vocabulary like...
hurry, I should, I could, I would...remember there is good and evil in the world.
The evil wants you to feel pressured. Our mind is what could sap all our energy.
Take time to pray. Give it all to God. Even your shopping list, school work and exams.
Ask yourself "Is this really urgent?"
Replace the urgent by repeating "My hope is in the great I am."

Monday, December 5, 2016


Meandering through a store this past weekend I saw it and had to buy it.
You know that feeling?
Mine was a silly purchase.
A kitchen towel with the words "All I need is a little bit of coffee and whole lotta of Jesus."

A rather loud message to display in my kitchen.

I need a lotta of Jesus He is my source of
perfect love and forgiveness. He gets me, He accepts me just as I am, I am enough.

Open the good book and discover one of the Christmas names "Immanuel" -God with us.
Say "Surely God is with me. Show me your presence."
I delight in waiting for this answer.

SURELY GOD IS WITH US. We need a lotta of Jesus.

Friday, December 2, 2016


Red Wine could actually help you lose weight.
This is what the headline news reported today. Are you wondering like I am, how could that statement be true?

I have every good intention to spend time with my friend Jesus but I got

Have you been there? Enough with the headline
I have only sixty seconds of your time. I read an article and it suggested to repeat regularly:

"Our hope is in you alone"

It comes from Psalm 30:22
The article continues on explaining the names of God and gives me references for further reading. That helps me to define really who my hope is in...healer, provider, lover, protector, soul keeper...
Something to think about this new day.

Repeat with me:

My Hope is in you alone. (I plan on repeating this through out the day).

This will help me to be free from distractions...gotta go...feeling full...feeling like I had a cup of joe with a friend!

Thursday, December 1, 2016


I woke up with the I gotta syndrome...
the list was racing in my mind...the has to be NOW!  I gotta do this and that now...

then I finally focused on the Pandora song playing, it is well.

Is it well?

Then I sat and read...what does Jesus have to say about time management...

Jesus is never harried.  He is steady. He is connected; strong; disciplined.
Jesus was getting His much needed sleep and was interrupted by the disciplines with their worry of the storm. He stopped and found time to help.
When Jairus was grieving with his daughters fatal illness. Jesus went. On the way Jesus stopped and helped the women with the issue of blood. He makes time.
He manages time with excellence. No worries.

As I follow my laine i will pray and remember Jesus makes time for me; He teaches me to make time. I will take time to use my time wisely.
Let's go laine...gotta go...