Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Gripping the chair barely standing he was in intolerable pain. I feeling so hopeless as I watched him retching in pain. God, help us, what do we do?

You may have seen a situation that seems so hopeless like there is no solution.
That day I could only think there is no solution to this problem.
Till the cry for help...
Then out of blue someone calls to check up on us. They did not know of the crisis that was occurring.
I quickly updated them. With there clear head they said call this person they may know what to do. Someone else calls and directs me to call the Doctor. I had thought that and dismissed it as the Doctor will just say to go to the emergency room and the hurting person didn't want to do that.
But the person said call the Doctor and call me right back and tell me what he says. It was so direct I obeyed.

God got the ball rolling to begin the journey of healing. these phone calls were a direct answer to the cry for help.

Each phone call brought up ideas of things to try. Prior to the calls my mind was blank with no solutions.

Now the ball was rolling. The calls generated opportunities to try new medications and after waitng several hours some pain relief came. I emphasize some relief because it just took the edge off of things.

We all have our dilemmas in life. Our initial reaction is to always go straight to doom and gloom. Meaning thoughts race through our heads like "This will never get better, how will I continue to live like this? how much more can I take?"

I'm telling this story because it is a testimony. Meaning I watched by and witnessed this occur and now I want to tell my story.

Every story we tell is valuable when retold. It is not fair judging how big or small it is but just that in the end there is a moral of the story. Do you know what I mean? When someone asks "Why are you telling that story again?" I say "because it will help others who think their situation is impossible and there is no hope. I just experienced the same thoughts yet we found a solution and the problem was resolved. I thought there was no hope also. I want to encourage others you can get to the other side of a crisis or journey. The story dictates the NEVER GIVE UP mentality for the reader or listener."

Having dealt with people, who are feeling down and out, whose life situations appears to warrant the giving up mentality, sometimes all they need to hear is a story where someone triumphed.

I can go on and on with triumphal stories, but my purpose today is just one simple story that encourages you.

I hear you, I feel some of your pain, I am sorry you are going through this thing....just start with a cry of help and wait...wait for the the phone call...wait for someone on the TV to say something...believe that God can and will use anything to help out the cause. I could do a shout out right now and I know the readers will have a I was watching this and they suggested this.

My next point is that sometimes we discount things that happen after the cry for help and then we miss the rescue. Because it is a rescue. God promises to rescue us.

Like right now I have a choice to name this article NEVER GIVE UP or DILEMMA or is it something else?

Be encouraged friend that nothing has to end with hopelessness.  How many times have you gotten past the dilemma and thought "Why did I almost give up?"

Friday, July 22, 2016


Romans 8:28 and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. 

 As I sat and talked with the Physical Therapist looking for answers regarding my hurting back she said “This is good.” I’m like good! I’m in pain!” She explained “It’s always good to get help and learn better habits to take care of your body. Better to make the changes now then try in future years when it maybe to difficult.  I’m gonna help you!” I so needed to hear something “good”. Her words were a direct answer to my prayer earlier that day. “Lord I need some relief.” This taught me to look out for the “good” in situations. It’s a promise of God. 

Will you pray with me; Dear Lord, Thank you for looking out for me. Help me to find the good today. Amen.