Friday, October 23, 2015


Dear Friend:

I heard someone tell this story.

I hate flying but there I was flying overseas at an altitude of over 37,000 feet worrying  about things like did the pilot get enough sleep or is he capable of flying this jet? After about an hour into the flight I asked the stewardess to check in the cock pit and make sure they were awake. After a couple of more hours I ask her to check again but the stewardess says "Sir, it really is rude and insulting to keep asking a pilot if he is doing his job."

I liken this story to my life and my relationship with God. I keep praying asking things like what is going on here God, what are you up to? When I don't get an answer I ask again and again. It really is rude to keep asking a sovereign God. You maybe saying isn't that a little harsh after all we are taught to be honest with God and ask anything. I get that.

My intent is not to shame us for going to God questioning. My intent is helping us be led by the spirit into life and peace by trusting God. Praying is our greatest way of communicating with God. But I think at some point we have to take responsibility and move on to next steps.

Here is an example. I was to do a teaching that went along with scripture that we were learning in a bible study. The leaders decided to cancel the class. They did not reschedule. I prayed and wrote the talk but now it wasn't going to be used? I questioned that and there was no answer.

Psalm 111 is full of twenty qualities that tell us who God is. He is...
great, glorious, majestic, righteous, wondrous, memorable, gracious, compassionate, provider, covenant keeper, powerful, faithful, just, trustworthy, steadfast, upright, holy, redeemer, awesome and eternal.

I made this list and have been memorizing it. Why? The end of the Psalm states "When we fear the Lord it is wise and we get good understanding." Realizing to just take time to adore the Father by praising Him is powerful.

Just as we remember a pilots training we can remember our Father in heavens qualities and be reassured that they can handle the flights in our life.

The psalmists final words "To Him belongs eternal praise!"

PRAYER:  Father in heaven you are (recite the list above). Thank you for helping me today. Amen.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I have caught myself saying this "Some days it feels as if I'm drowning in water and my face is the only thing above water."

You feel as if you are drowning in decisions, work etc. Much of it feels unfulfilling.

Here is the good news.

If your face is above water that means you are breathing. Breathing the air God created. It doesn't matter how much of you is sinking.
What matters is that you are breathing.

You know when you are doggy paddling to keep your head up in water? Instead of exhausting yourself paddling to stay above water you could relax lay back and float.
When I was a kid I loved laying back in the water with my ears just below. Then I would breathe easy and listen. Listen to complete silence. I love that feeling. Relaxing, floating, silence!
I got in my bath tub and did that the other day. Thinking of my childhood when I rested in the tub or pool I just relaxed and listened to silence.

Be like a child and learn to rest. Rest is essential for us to deal with the days ahead. If you are uptight remember to breathe in God's air and out the used air. Breathe from your lower part of the stomach and not from the shoulders. Tell yourself you are alive and okay!
Breath in the good and breath out all the bad.
In and out.
In and out.
Keep going.
Keep breathing and carry on.

Friday, October 2, 2015


As I stood and looked at a grove of maple trees. My eyes were drawn to one tree that already changed Red, the rest were still green. Within in me a whisper came. Just as the trees change and are transformed, each one in its own time and pace, you and my people are changed. Meaning we are each on our own journey different elements and experiences change us all in different ways. As we walk through life and feel overwhelmed we ask "When God when will change or answer to prayer come?" No answer at the time. We must wait. Just as the trees must wait, they wait for the weather to change them, we wait for God to bring new color and shed light to change us, to guide us, to give us wisdom for everyday living.We can’t rush it just as the trees can’t rush the process. Sometimes we think we can rush it but if we force things that is when we get overwhelmed and in our own strength we try to control things. It is in His strength that we are truly transformed, delivered and changed. Our job is to acknowledge that God is with us and wait on Him.
Can you rest with God?
God is:
The hope
The love
The peace
The presence.
Here is another question: What would you rather do?
Continue to fight for a job, a position, a title a….can you name what you are waiting for…trying to figure out, fighting for or
Just wait, wait like the trees wait (Peace, calm, beauty and tranquility)?  Wait for the door to open and then we walk through it.  Walk through it, God with you!
Overwhelmed with God’s beauty or overwhelmed with life?
Just know God with you.
Look at the trees. Understand that if we wait it will be beautiful.
It starts with prayer and time spent being still reflecting on God with you.
“The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel.” (Which means God with us).
I know we are thinking Fall.
But we can also be thinking Christmas. The Christmas message, God with us.
Enjoy the Fall weather. Find time to sit and look out at the trees. When you look at the trees remember this message.
They are beautiful. You are beautiful.  Rest.