Friday, January 26, 2018


A friend called me frantic about a possibility that things will be changing in her company.
She vented to me all of the thoughts that came racing in her head.
What if they fire me? Or, what if they eliminate my position and don't offer me anything else?
What if they keep me on and I don't like the changes? They could make so many changes that I hate it here! I should really update my resume! But do I really want to go in another direction completely for work? I've been thinking about that one for a longtime. What do I want to be? Should I go back to school? Could I afford it? What would I go for? My other friend said I should really be preparing. My other co-worker has great plans, her resume is perfect. Another co-workers seems like she has no worries at all! Another said you should prepare to move this could really could affect me in such a way that I can't even pay the bills! Another friend, Suzy you know her, she always has the best advice, said I've always thought you should get your teaching degree. I would go back to school I suppose. Where would I find the energy?
Blah, Blah, Blah...

Do you do this? Have you taken one thought and ran with it like it was going to be the absolute gospel truth before you even do research? Don't you feel horrible after you blurt this out to a friend? Maybe you walk away feeling like you're nuts?

Stop now!
Take a deep breath!
First I want to say you are not NUTS! I am so sorry that things are stinky right now!
Ask yourself to consider thinking about what you are thinking?
The beginning of healing is admitting you have a whole bunch of chatter going on in your head and it's like a field mine about to explode and that's scary cause you don't know if you will ever get that brain back again.
Been there; done that!
Do not be ashamed.
You probably have some legit reasons why things have gone wrong in the past.
Here's another thing to consider.
Stop blaming others for the pile-up and start taking responsibility for every day you live.
You maybe turning your computer off right now or about to.
You may think I maybe being harsh.
I want you to know that pain and hurts are legit.
Grieving is proper and in stages.
But at some point; I think the saying goes (gosh I screw up sayings)
Put on your big boy or girls pants and carry on. Well if that is not the saying it should be.
Do you get what I mean.
I heard a story of one raised in the ghetto that had been abused and neglected practically abandoned.
Yet on the other side of growing up they are thriving and getting along in life. Their story ended up different because they put their big pants on and figured out the powerful God tools to navigate healing.
Yep I said it!
Powerful God tools. Let's start a project.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Racing up and down the track. Soaring. Hair flying in the wind. My heart pounding, blood racing, adrenaline rushing, laughter pours out with fear and freedom both at the same time. That's how I feel in the moment on a roller coaster. The times I went to ride the roller coaster and I would get off the ride jolted and say, "What a rush, let's do it again!" I loved it when the line was short and we could ride over and over. Remember when you would plot out what line to get into, so you could experience the ride differently? Front row. Last row. Hands up. Hands down. You just want to experience it all.

The theme of many movies, TV shows I see today influence us to want an experience and want it now. It could be a real good thing, the character jumps into life and does something good, like finding their dream. It unfolds sometime over a lifetime. That's the part I forget, when I am inspired to follow a dream. The time. The timing. We see the movie in two hours. We read a book in days. The story from start to finish. 

We want to experience, feel. We are humans. A diverse race of beings living on planet Earth at this present moment. We were created with emotions and desires.

But, it is okay that just right now we sit, we rest and listen. Listen to your inner voice. Stop being critical and guessing what will be this or that and just be. Taking the moments to be grateful. To be at peace with just right now. Right this moment.

Prayer: Thank you God that you loved me so much that you left the comfort and safety of Heaven unconcerned for yourself, but had your human beings, that you created in mind and died a brutal death that you didn't even deserve. You were innocent. Yet you let it happen. I thank you that you did not let death hold you down. You came back you forgave. All for eternal security. Let me be okay, enjoy this supreme love today. In need of nothing more. Peace you left us. Amen 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


May I have your attention for one minute.
From my heart...I sit and write.
Sometimes when I sit, I don't know what I will write.
I love to write because I feel as if the message is what I need. I am talking many times to myself.
I am sharing to the public because, friends have said they benefit from these one minute message too!

As the new year was being ushered in I awoke very early in the morning. Early for me that is!
Two things came on my mind:

As we seek Him the kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.
Obedience is better than sacrifice. (Each day ask God to reveal what does that mean for you.
Listening to the nudge inside that says, "Say no to things or yes to other things." It's listening to the whisper. Follow that.)

God gives us many chances.
Take a chance.

See the results
Much mercy is available each new day.

PRAYER:  Help me to tune into you each day. Thank you for the benefits of doing that. Thank you for many chances. Thank you for never giving up on me. Amen.