Thursday, December 4, 2014


I prayed today "God I need my own personal sign from you that you're here with me."
I kid you not!
I was driving on a main street suddenly I was interrupted by a gaggle of geese as I hurried to meet my daughter for lunch... irritated as I didn't want to wait for them to saunter across the street. I took a deep breath. Could this be the sign? many geese...1.2.3...12. Of course!

A still small voice...twelve followed me closely...they went back and forth asking questions the end they resolved to know that I (Jesus) existed...just like the geese they were out of place at times...they stood out...they felt awkward like they didn't belong...yet they believed and followed me. Take the time. The interruptions...being present...being in the moment they are all worth it!

I'm going on with my day resolved to keep seeking, keep trusting...Christ will interrupt our lives at any moment to show himself to us. As you prepare for Christmas will you allow for the interruption of Jesus.

Father thank you for caring enough to give me a sign. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

God Culture vs. Worldview Culture


God's culture-giving the gift of your presence. Being present is a the best present.

Is it counter culture to be present with others? I mean really taking the time to listen and be available?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


H is for Holy. I invite you into a month of preparation for the birth of our Holy Jesus. If you take the time today to think of December as a sacred Holy time to find ways to cherish and make Holy. Without Jesus we would have never experienced Love at the highest Holy level. Holy, sacred love of Jesus. Put on Christmas worship songs and think of the Holy Messiah.

I will be travelling soon to speak at a Women's connection group. At the event the chair reads my bio.  I have had the same bio for the past 2 1/2 years. This caught my eye and summed up the mixed up year I have been in. As I set out to change the bio I realized most of it needed to be changed. I can't believe this. I will have to rewrite it. I don't want to rewrite it. What do I change it to? Since being in such transition I almost have nothing to write.

My hobbies are bike riding and playing tennis. I have hardly been able to bike ride or play tennis in the last year due to a back problem. Will I get back to these hobbies? An on line e-devotional that I contributed to has closed down in the last year. I have done an annual Christmas Gathering and did not do one this year. I thought redoing the bio would be dreadful. Rather than dread this I began to see that change could be new places God will send me. Is that so bad? If I look at it as bad then it will be horrible. Fear of the future! Will God take me to a bad path? The answer is definitely no! But it is up to me to define what is bad? I looked up quite a bit of scripture on committing, giving over, trusting, asking God and all the responses to doing this is a better path and eventual God answers. "You have not because you ask not" says the Lord.

With all this said I think in order to prepare for the Holy Babe I need to trust God with the future and remember the gift God gave me is the present. Being in the moment will be my task.
How about you? Is there something you have to get a better perspective about in order for you to prepare for Christmas? Is there things you need to give to God so you can see the Holiness of Christmas?

Monday, December 1, 2014

C is for CHERISH

I thought I would write out an acrostic using the word CHRISTMAS as a way to write a message to prepare for Christmas.
C-cherish-I love babies. Oh! The moments I get to adore, hold dear and love on them. When I think of Christmas I think of the Christmas carol "Oh Come Let Us Adore Him". I look forward to celebrating Jesus' birthday. I know Jesus came so he can cherish each of us. Can you imagine what it would be like if you entered the barn and got to cherish a moment with the baby Jesus? After a visit like that your love tank would be filled and ready to pour out to others.
I officiate funerals. When I meet with the family I learn all about the deceased. When I leave that meeting as usual I am reminded that leaving a legacy for my loved ones to remember me by is so important. I think of how important family can be. This Christmas season is the perfect time to have traditions that mark your legacy. What do you impress on others during the Christmas season that they will remember about you and cherish?