Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Racing up and down the track. Soaring. Hair flying in the wind. My heart pounding, blood racing, adrenaline rushing, laughter pours out with fear and freedom both at the same time. That's how I feel in the moment on a roller coaster. The times I went to ride the roller coaster and I would get off the ride jolted and say, "What a rush, let's do it again!" I loved it when the line was short and we could ride over and over. Remember when you would plot out what line to get into, so you could experience the ride differently? Front row. Last row. Hands up. Hands down. You just want to experience it all.

The theme of many movies, TV shows I see today influence us to want an experience and want it now. It could be a real good thing, the character jumps into life and does something good, like finding their dream. It unfolds sometime over a lifetime. That's the part I forget, when I am inspired to follow a dream. The time. The timing. We see the movie in two hours. We read a book in days. The story from start to finish. 

We want to experience, feel. We are humans. A diverse race of beings living on planet Earth at this present moment. We were created with emotions and desires.

But, it is okay that just right now we sit, we rest and listen. Listen to your inner voice. Stop being critical and guessing what will be this or that and just be. Taking the moments to be grateful. To be at peace with just right now. Right this moment.

Prayer: Thank you God that you loved me so much that you left the comfort and safety of Heaven unconcerned for yourself, but had your human beings, that you created in mind and died a brutal death that you didn't even deserve. You were innocent. Yet you let it happen. I thank you that you did not let death hold you down. You came back you forgave. All for eternal security. Let me be okay, enjoy this supreme love today. In need of nothing more. Peace you left us. Amen 

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